Is There Something More in Temple Run 2 or Is It Basically the Same?

From the hit endless running game Temple Run comes its much better and bigger sequel Temple Run 2 with all of the additions and improvements whilst retaining everything from its predecessor. This game still has close storyline and basic game controls with the first installment and it has confirmed that not most games have storylines and environments that were tweaked. You still need to run for your life in the jungle after you have stolen an idol and the sole protagonist, the monkey called Cuchank, is chasing after you for a good breakfast when you slip up. Although you still have to do the same running, jumping, turning, and sliding, you will find slight changes that you will see along the way.

•Still the Same Controls

Just like in the original game, you still need to move your character on the left or right of the screen to complete the correct action and continue running. The longer you run, the more difficult it is to react on time because you get faster as you run. Make sure to gather as much coins as you are able to so you'll have sufficient money to upgrade your abilities or unlock a lot more characters.

•Unlock Your Characters

This is the first major change in Temple Run 2 and these characters are not only for display because each of them has its own special abilities and power-ups. how many levels are there in temple run 2 'll be able to activate the ability of your selected runner by collecting sufficient coins that will fill up the energy bar.

•More Gems to Gather

Green gems were introduced in the sequel to boost your power-ups or restart your game from where you died the last time, unlike in the first game. Even though it's scarcer than coins and you might think of purchasing one via in-app purchase, it's not really necessary for you to still enjoy the gameplay.

•Additional Levels and Obstacles

Temple Run 2 still works like the first game since you'll need to finish your goal first before you are able to move on to the next level and win gems and coins. Once you run a certain distance without dying, you are able to gather specific number of coins to add to your energy meter. New levels have been added to the game, including those with ropes to slide down or mine shafts to navigate to go through the correct tracks without even crashing. You may also wish to go through the waterfalls and get splashed or escape your way out while dodging jets of fire.

•New and Improved

You will find some new mechanics added to the game so you may need to practice a few of its sections. Set in a new location, you'll see an improvement in the graphics that becomes crisper while the new environments are much more vibrant and thrilling.

Did you even think of how to play Temple Run 2 and appreciate all these remarkable features and additions to a sequel? Download and play it on your PC and your experience of playing an endless runner will never be the same.

04.11.2020 00:44:15

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